Wednesday, 19 September 2018

University College of Commerce and Management

Dr. Sunita Sukhija
MBA, M.Com. M.Phil (Commerce),
UGC-NET (Management & Commerce)
PhD (Finance)


University College of Commerce and Management at Guru Kashi University is fast growing and leading player in the field of Commerce and Management. Located in the religious and rural hub of Punjab, it provides us a unique opportunity to imbibe human values across its various stakeholders through creation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of commerce and management.

UCCM pledges to continue its earnest efforts in nation building by fostering a strong bond between the students, faculty members as well as the corporate world in order to deliver the corporate leaders of tomorrow. We, at UCCM, are happy to provide you with affordable education and infrastructural facilities of global standards in order to be globally successful. We aim to transform our students in our various programmes in order to launch them into successful careers. Our PhD programme provides a rigorous training in research and in the literature of the chosen area of commerce and management. The pressure of performance and quality apply to B-schools too like never before, and the skilful handling of these very pressures makes the UCCM stand out in a crowd.

I take this opportunity to wish you a promising future and hope to work with some of you to prepare some exceptional assets for the industry and the nation.

We invite you to join UCCM and assure that it will become a rewarding experience of your academic life. Hope for a very happy and rigorous learning experience.

Dr. Sunita Sukhija