Wednesday, 19 September 2018

University College of Physical Education

Dean's Message

The twenty–first century is an era of increased awareness about the well-being of mankind. The man’s endeavour for well-being starts with the better knowledge and understanding of his body. Human physique more important than anything else. In this very context, the domain of physical education has become very important component of higher education system. A person, who is physically fit, mentally agile, emotionally balanced and socially adaptable, is considered to be a best individual.

In this backdrop, Guru Kashi University (GKU) has established the College of Physical Education in the year 2011. The College has grown tremendously since its inception. Though the College is in its nascent stage but in terms of teaching-learning process. The alumni of the College have come out with flying colours in various Physical Education related competitions at the national level.

Dr. Ravinder Sumal
Dean & Director Sports