Saturday, 21 July 2018

Smart Campus

At the institution, various academic activities are computerized. These computerized activites are performed by request from the user . The Hardware and Software that facilitates such computerized activities is known as Smart Campus (ERP).

The Activities that are computerized are listed below:

  • Students library account information
  • Availability of books in library
  • Display of University Exam Result
  • Inter Assessment Marks and calculation of various Inter Assessment
  • Upload attendance & calculation of %age attendance

Student Level

  • Students can download Study Material, Class Notes, Assignments, Articles, Lesson Plan, Question Papers (University/Board, House Test), e-Books, e-Journals, Lab Manuals, Resources etc. at hostels/campus through Wi-Fi at college campus or at their home through Internet.
  • Students can access information regarding their Attendance, Sessional (House Test) Marks, Final Results, Assignments, Library Books in Account, Library Fine, News and Events, Syllabus, Time-Table, Notice-board, Dashboard, Sports activities, Cultural activities, complaints, Articles etc. through Smart Card, Internet and Wi-Fi.
  • Students can search Books, Journals, CDs, Subject Names, Subject Codes etc. through Smart Card and Internet.
  • Students can find Placement Articles, Personality Development Articles, Latest News of Industries, Job Vacancies, Campus Placements etc.
  • Students can specify demand of books through Smart Card and internet.
  • Students can also download assignments/submit assignments/view assignment marks online.
  • Students can register their queries and suggestions online.

Staff Level

  • Time-Saving and better efficiency of each staff member.
  • Staff Member can view Books in his/her account through Smart Card, Intranet, Wi-Fi, Internet.
  • Staff Member can view his/her monthly attendance (In-Out), leaves taken with salary and without salary, pending leaves etc. online. In Smart Campus, Attendance of each Staff Member is taken through Biometrics (Fingerprint). This attendance becomes automated online through Smart Campus 3.0.
  • Each staff member need not calculate student attendance, manually feeding into registers and generate manual reports as per specific criteria etc.
  • Staff members can send SMSs regarding attendance, sessional marks, final results and other information to students and their parents just on a single click even while sitting at home.
  • Each Staff Member can search/view library books, Journals, CDs and Newspapers through Smart Card and online.
  • Each Staff Member can download E-Books, E-Journals, Submitted Assignments.
  • Each Staff Member can view Attendance, Sessional (House Test) Marks, Final Results, Assignments, Fee Balance Amount, Library Books in Account, Library Fine, News and Events, Syllabus, Time-Table, Notice-board, Dashboard, Sports activities, Cultural activities, complaints etc. simultaneously for any student just on a single click.
  • Each staff member will be informed about college activities through SMS Facility.
  • Each staff member can download various types of college resources e.g. Leave Performa, College Intercom contacts etc.
  • Each staff member need not compile Internal Assessment. Automated Internal Assessment will be generated of a class based on Attendance, Sessional Marks and Assignment Marks.
  • Each staff member can search authentic student database through various parameters using Custom Search.
  • Each staff member can access his previous semester details like Class Notes, Assignments, Internal Assessment etc.

Parent Level

In thia era, parents are busy at their work. As such, they lack time for visits to their children's institution. Smart Campus enables them to get in touch with the institution for anything they want to know about their children through Internet. Smart Campus facilitates much better communication among Parents, Staff and Administration of the Institution without sacrificing their time and convenience.

  • Parents can view Yearly Planner, Attendance, Sessional Marks, Final Results, Complaints, Assignments submitted, certificates of their children anytime anywhere in world.
  • Parents can view Sports Activities, Cultural Activities, Library Books , Library Fines, Fee Balances in their Children's Account through Internet.
  • Parents can view Datesheet, syllabus, Instruction Plan, Class Notes, Important links, Manuals and many other things anytime anywhere.
  • Parents can view Notices, College/School News and Events, College Video/Audios, student time table and various other things.
  • Parents can communicate with Faculty Members, Administration through Internet.
  • Parents will get SMSs, emails regarding the performance, activities and other general information of their ward.