Management Message

management Guru Kashi University is a cluster of premier institutions formerly known as GGS Group of Institutions, which fosters excellence in academics form the very formative years of education to the level of professional specialisation. At GKU, we pursue the mission of creating a better world by adding value to the lives of people. We lay a very strong emphasis on empowering the students by imparting skills and competencies which make them job-ready.

State of the art infrastructure, qualified and competent faculty, efficient teaching learning process, emphasis on co-curricular activities and a very harmonious environment makes GKU a place of enjoyable learning. We envision that GKU will nurture the pioneering spirit and zeal amongst the students by enlightening them with the world of knowledge and pursuit for perfection.I am sure all of you will join us in our mission of creating a better world.

S. Gurlabh Singh Sidhu

management The foundation of Guru Kashi University has been laid over a rich and satisfying experience of imparting high quality education at our numerous professional education institutions. In our educational journey of last 15 years, we have pursued a mission of shaping the careers of the youth by providing them with the skills and competencies, which empower them to meet the challenges of a very dynamic global job market.

The graduates and postgraduates of our institutions have been well received in the placement market all over the Globe. We are committed to provide excellent infrastructure, competent faculty and inspiring academic ambience to enable the students to nurture their ambitions and fulfil their dreams. I hope your time spent in this campus will be rewarding and enjoyable.

Dr. J.S. Dhaliwal

management With the blessings of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the University prioritises investment in human resources development to cater to the rural catchments. Analysis is underway to start programmes as per demand driven requirements of the humanity, market, industry & service sector.

The university education involves exposure to concepts, skills and knowledge in the form of value addition to the system fortified with the moral values & ethics to develop technical manpower as world class citizens. Value based education here imparts ability & capacity in the trained youth to become entrepreneurs who are equipped as job providers rather than job seekers.

Upgrading the skills of the faculty to achieve this all would be an important part & parcel, so as to make the University shine & my endavour would be that it shines still brighter in the years to come. In the long run, Guru Kashi University envisages its responsibilities to shape the destiny of the trained man power in particular & the society in general.

The economic and societal growth of a Nation depends to a large extent on the scientific and technological development of the country, for which the educational institution has a great role to play to produce knowledgeable, innovative & research oriented Human Resources. We at GKU are aware of our responsibility and are committed to provide the best of infrastructure & teaching learning environment in our campus, so that the professionals who pass out from this University posses the desired skills and competencies to face the challenges of corporate world and contribute significantly to the economic development of the country & to the welfare of the Society.

Dr. B. S. Dhaliwal Vice Chancellor

management A humble beginning made 15 years ago by establishing GGS college of Engineering and Technology has blossomed into an innovative, dynamic and vibrant campus offering a wide range of graduate and post graduate professional courses. The university which derives its name from the pious words of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji is poised to set high standards of professional education, research and extension services to society.

We are committed to provide the best of infrastructure, most relevant curriculum, state of the art teaching pedagogy, competent and committed faculty, enthusiastic staff and an academic environment in which every student will be able to realize his dreams of transforming himself into a global professional.

Er. Sukhwinder S Sidhu
Gen. Secretary