Guru Gobind Singh College Of Education

Brief Description

In the year of 1704, Sri Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of Sikhs, visited the place and stayed here for about a year. He blessed this place as 'Guru Ki Kashi' i.e. a place of knowledge and learning. True to his blessings, the place is now humming with educational activities. In the year 1998, Bala Ji Educational Trust established Guru Gobind Singh Polytechnic College. The encouraging response received from the students and the parents, the trust took the initiative to establish Guru Gobind Singh College of Engineering and Technology and Guru Gobind Singh College of Information Technology and Research on this sacred land.


GGS College of Education started its 1st session in 2005.

An impressive four-storey building with beautifully laid out campus, equipped with latest infrastructure in pollution free, green habitat and healthy environment, has been constructed.

The institute has been approved by NCTE, Jaipur (Govt. of India).

The admission is done through Joint Entrance Test and under management quota also.


It is an institution striving not only for academic excellence but producing seasoned human beings who shall take the reigns of nation and become valuable assets in the great progeny of teachers.Keeping in time with the developments in the educational strategies around the globe, Guru Gobind Singh college of Education has been envisioned to develop into a strong centre for providing total quality in teacher education. We are committed to contribute to future of the nation by creating seamless educational opportunities.

As the Dean of GGSCE, I am delighted that the values of our school of education are aligned with my own personal values, including the importance of trust, respect, innovation and a sense of community.Since its inception, the prime objective of our institute is to equip our teacher trainees with professional skills that are required to face the challenges of competitive world or 21st century. The pedagogies adopted by the Institute coupled with rich learning resources would help our budding teachers to do well in all the spheres of life in general and teaching in particular. It becomes even more imperative for teachers as they are involved in the task of human transformation.

With this backdrop, the skills, knowledge & creativity inculcated in our teacher trainees in Guru Gobind Singh College of Education would serve in our endeavor of molding our students into successful teachers – who will mould and transform youthful minds into creative pillars of society.

We strongly believe in the importance of teachers, parents, and administrators collaborating and communicating openly and frequently. We continually improve the quality of tools of communication, including giving our parents access to an interactive website where they can retrieve pertinent information about their children's academic achievement. You are encouraged to regularly check our website and read about our academic and co-curricular activities. We look forward to serving you and your children over the coming years.

Dr. Mamta Roy


The college has well equippedmodern computer lab with Wi-fi internet, Projectors. Printer facility.

  • Internet facility
  • 20 computers
  • LCD monitors
  • Laser printers
  • Educational CDs
  • Free hand experience to all students
  • Over-head projectors
  • Language labTo develop skill-in-teaching with good communication our G.G.S college of education is initiator in the region in getting installed micro- teaching cum language lab as good communication skill has become indispensable for today’s teachers. Micro teaching cum language lab is class-room equipment designed and arranged to make the language learning more effective and to develop teaching skills.

    The college has a beautiful carpeted psychology lab with following tools.
  • Personality tests
  • Interest tests
  • Creativity tests
  • Attitude tests
  • Ability tests
  • Achievement tests
  • Adjustment tests
  • Mental health tests
  • The art and craft resource centre is aesthetically decorated which has all the material and apparatus to cultivate aesthetic value in our students. A science laboratory is established in the college which has all the required equipment for conducting science experiments and projects. The college has fully air-conditioned huge seminar hall for organizing morning assembly, extension lectures, seminars and cultural activities. The hall is equipped with the latest multimedia and projectors with seating capacity of 400 students. The conference room provides an excellent setting for academic meetings, conferences and presentations. Our newrefurbished conference room equipped with video and networking capability, WIFI, large conference tables and comfortable seating.