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The College of Physical Education at Guru Kashi University was established in 2011. In the beginning is offered Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) course (Now BPES) with student strength of 22. In 2015, the college started Bachelor of Physical Education (BPED) course with student strength of 100. In 2016, the college offered Masters Programme with the start of Masters in Physical Education (MPED) course with 40 students.


Now, the college is also offering M.Phil (1 ½ years) and Ph.D (minimum 3 years) programmes which have a student strength of 15 and 30, respectively. The college is an attractive for students from for and write and has total student strength of over 500. The college has also started specialized programmes on Yoga (2013) and Physiotherapy (2015).

Yoga is a National heritage. The GKU started a Department of yoga in 2013. This undertakes master’s programms. In 2013, the Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (PGDYT) was started with admission of 18 students (both boys and girls). In 2016, a master’s degree programme in yoga Therapy (MYT) was started with student strength of 17. Now there are 150-200 students in the Department. The programme attracts a lot of students.

The GKU started a department of Physiotherapy in 2015. It runs diploma, Bachelor degree and Master degree programms in Physiotherapy. The Diploma in Physiotherapy (DPT) has a student strength of 10 student. The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) programme and Master in Sport Physiotherapy (MSPT) are also getting popular with students.

The twenty–first century is an era of increased awareness about the well-being of mankind. The man’s Endeavour for well-being starts with the better knowledge and understanding of his body. Human physique more important than anything else. In this very context, the domain of physical education has become very important component of higher education system. A person, who is physically fit, mentally agile, emotionally balanced and socially adaptable, is considered to be a best individual.

In this backdrop, Guru Kashi University (GKU) has established the College of Physical Education in the year 2011. The College has grown tremendously since its inception. Though the College is in its nascent stage but in terms of teaching-learning process. The alumni of the College have come out with flying colours in various Physical Education related competitions at the national level.

Dr. Ravinder Singh Sumal

  • Good Infrastructure related to physical education and sports
  • Highly experienced and qualified faculty for teaching and coaching
  • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities with 24 sports fields
  • Attractive Sports policy for sportsperson
  • Physical Development
  • Mental Development
  • Social Development
  • Moral Development
  • Cultural Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Spiritual DevelopmentM
  • Job opportunity at College & University Level
  • Teaching Area
  • Coaching Area
  • Research Area
  • Job opportunity in Industries
  • Sports goods Industries
  • Job opportunity at School Level
  • Physical Training Instructor (PTI)
  • Director of Physical Education (DPE)
  • Coach of Particular Game
  • Fitness Centre
  • Gymnasium
  • Message Centre
  • Yoga Centre
  • First Aid Training Centre
  • OPD of Physiotherapy
  • Advantage with us
  • Good Infrastructure related to physical education & sports
  • Highly qualified faculty for teaching and coaching
  • Indoor & outdoor sports with 24 sports fields
  • Attractive Sports policy for sportsmen
  • Participation in national university games.
  • Yoga and Meditation Centre
  • Government Jobs in related field
  • Massage Centre
  • Job as a Yoga Instructor/Trainer
  • Lecturer in Colleges/University
  • Government Jobs in - Hospitals/Sports
  • Heavy demand of this course abroad
  • Independent Clinic Opening
  • Infrastructure of this college consists of Wi-Fi enabled campus, airy class rooms, seminar hall with modern audio-visual aid, and multipurpose hall (especially Yoga & Table Tennis), modern gymnasium.

  • 400 M Standard Track
  • Archery
  • Badminton & Ball Badminton
  • Base Ball
  • Basket Ball(M/W)
  • Boxing
  • Carom
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Football & Handball
  • Hockey
  • Kabbadi
  • Kho-Kho(M/W)
  • Korf Ball
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Netball
  • Shooting
  • Softball
  • Table Tennis
  • Throw Ball & Dodge Ball
  • Volleyball (M/W)
  • Wrestling
  • Yoga

  • Anatomy and Physiology Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Human Performance Lab
  • Educational Technology Lab
  • General Science Lab
  • Athletic Care & Rehabilitation Lab
  • Sports Psychology Lab
  • Physiotherapy Lab
  • Test and Measurement Lab
  • Sports Biomechanics Lab




    Paragt Singh

    MCA (Batch 2014 LE)

    The faculty members were cooperative, starting from the higher authority to the subject teacher. They were knowledgeable, well-qualified and experienced. I also got an industry exposure.



    BCA (Batch 2015)

    The infrastructure is good. I am happy that the University College of Computer Applications Follows Mottos like "GO GREEN" and "PLANT MORE TREES". The hostels are spacious and clean. Good facility of projectors, and good provision for sitting.



    MCA (Batch 2015 LE)

    The faculty members were cooperative, starting from the higher authority to the subject teacher. They were knowledgeable, well-qualified and experienced. I also got an industry exposure.




    To learn the different types of software within a short-term, UCCA is the best college. The faculty-members are very cooperative.



    M.Sc (IT)

    The teaching methods which teachers used to opt are mostly practical based which helps in broaden the horizons of the students in the respective field.

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