SC/ST/OBC Minorities Cell

The Guru Kashi University is committed to provide an environment that promotes diversity and respects everyone regardless of colour, religious belief or culture. While maintaining diversity of all kinds, it is also committed to ensure protection of everyone including minorities and acting as per the provisions of constitution of India in such matters. In order to create a living and working environment where all students feel safe and respected, there is a need to establish an SC/ST/OBC and Minorities Cell with the following objectives:


1) To ensure provisions for an environment where all such students feel safe and secure.
2) To provide prompt counselling for any emotional emergencies arising on account of any events at the campus..
3) To provide a mechanism to redress the grievances of SC, ST, OBC and minority students, if any
4) To ensure protection and reservation as provided in the constitution of India
5) To arrange for special opportunities to enhance the career growth of these students such as through Competitive Examination Cell

The SC/ST/OBC and Minorities Cell will provide comprehensive preventive and proactive services to all such students enrolled for various academic programmes in the university. The goal of the cell would be to enhance the psychological wellbeing of SC/ST/OBC and Minority students so they can take full advantage of the educational opportunities at the university. The co-ordinator of the cell is Dr. P. S. Aulakh
The university has constituted a committee to address the grievances and complaints based on caste discrimination. The committee is based on following members:


Dr. Vijay Shankar Prasad
Mr.Satpal Singh
Mr. Jaspal Singh
Mrs. Nalini Singh

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