Research at Guru Kashi University is nurtured through various academic programmes run by different departments of the university.

Academic Research Programs

Academic Research programs at GKU relate to research work undertaken by faculty members in the departments running Master of Engineering (M.Tech) , M.Phil or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)programs. GKU researchers are working in some of the thrust areas like Intelligent systems, Wireless and Broadband Communication, Psychological problems of students, Machine translation, WLAN, Image Compression , E-Governance, Mobile Distributed Systems, Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, Open Source Software ,Sleep disorders, Secured and Stable Routing, Web mining, Soft Optimization Techniques, Digital Image Processing , Multiple Access Modulation , Multimedia Wireless Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Encryption Schemes etc. to name a few.


Resources are available in different laboratories of the university for theoretical as well as experimental research . GKU offers a multidisciplinary research environment to both students and staff, which includes research collaborations with leading universities and renowned institutions

  • Retaining and recruiting researchers of the highest distinction and potential .
  • Attracting the very best research students Nationally and Internationally.
  • Continuing to provide a supportive research environment in which scholars, at every stage of their career, caninnovate and develop.
  • Encouraging collaboration and effective partnerships with other research institutions, research agencies, funding bodies/sponsors.
  • Ensuring that the fruits of the university’s research activities are exploited for the benefit of society.
  • Providing the academic facilities needed to facilitate research excellence and knowledge transfer.
  • The University lays emphasis on multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary programs designed to address the challenges that face our society.

    GKU has about 80 highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members who are actively involved in research in addition to teaching. They have guided many M.Sc., M.Tech, M.Phil and Ph.D students and have contributed a large number of research papers in National/International Journals and Conferences.
    Brief details of their achievements are as follows:

    1. Number of Patents applied / filed / approved : 02

      • Dr. B.S. Dhaliwal has filed the following patents:

      * New PCM System: This Results in

      • -Improved S+N/N ratio at receiver
      • -Band width conservation
      • -Enhanced channel capacity for specified “Bit Error Rate”.

      * Simplified Method for Marking of Staggers on a Athletic Track:

      • This Results in:
      • -Time Saving in Marking staggers
      • -Improved accuracy in marking staggers.
    2. Number of papers published in International/ National Journals : 953

    3. Number of papers presented in International /National Conferences : 486

    4. Number of Faculty members who have presented papers in International /National Conferences : 103

    5. Number of Faculty members who have attended National Workshops/Seminars : 65

    6. Number of Faculty members who have attended Faculty Development Programs : 20

    7. Number of FDPs attended by faculty members: 43

    8. Development of Software/ Hardware.

      1. Dr. B. S. Dhaliwal, Dean Academics,has developed the following software’s /Systems
        • -Development of Software for inventory management for “Modular Digital Communication Equipment” in the Army. Software at present is under use in whole Army.
        • -Development of “Specification Testing System” for Communication equipment in defence.
      2. Dr. Narinder Singh & Dr. Rahul Malhotra
        • -Developed efficient soft computing techniques for Process Control Applications
    9. Number of Ph.D. Thesis completed : 13

    11. Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) has approved a grant-in-aid of Rs.5,50,000/- (Rupees Five Lakhs Fifty Thousand only) plus overhead charges @7.5% , with a duration of 24 months for study including publication , for the major research project on: “A Study on Progress and Perspective of Entrepreneurship in Northern India: with Special Reference to Significant Role of Women Entrepreneurs”. Principal Investigator: Dr. Sunita Sukhija (Dean, UCCM)
    12. Number of faculty members who have presented papers in International / National Conferences/Seminars:

    13. About 100 faculty members have participated/ presented papers in National / International Conferences
    14. Research Activities in College of Agriculture

    15. M.Sc. (Veg. Sci.)
      In 2014 Research on vegetables was started by post graduate (M.Sc. Veg. Sci.) Students and in total about 15 students have completed their MSc. Degrees and submitted their thesis by doing research on improvement of vegetable crops i.e. tomato, brinjal, chilli and standardization of production technology of major vegetable crops onion and garlic. Presently 40 M.Sc. students are doing research on vegetables crops.

      Ph.D (Veg. Sci.)
      In 2016 two (Ph.D. Veg. Sci.) students started research on generating information on genetic architecture of various tomato characters (Quantitative and qualitative) . For conducting research under protected structure, a poly house structure has been installed costing Rs. 20 lacs at vegetable research farm and research work on “Genetic information of tomato horticultural traits.

      In 2017 , one Ph.D student has started research work on Bio priming of Vegetable seeds by bacteria culture for enhancing seed germination, seed vigour and control of diseases as partial fulfilment of their thesis.

      Ongoing research projects of achievements:
      The improvement of tomato and onion programme is going on at GKU in Deptt. of Vegetable Science (UCoA). Two new varieties one of tomato GKU-1 and L-28 of onion is found to be suitable for S-W region of Punjab. Based on research tomato variety is suitable for processing industry. The quinoa crop is introduced in Punjab first time by vegetable scientist Dr. Daljeet Singh (Prof. and Head) which has yield potential of 6-8 quintals per acre in S-W region of Punjab.

Name of Author Title of the Book Address of Publisher of the book
Dr. Narinder Singh Book on “Surveying” Tata-McGraw Hill (New Delhi)
Dr. A. K. Kansal Teaching of Social Study 21st Century, Patiala, 2011
Teaching of Social Science 21st Century, Patiala, 2011
Creativity, Memory and Personality Adjustment Among Handicapped Adults. 21st Century, Patiala, 2013
Dr. R.K Bansal MATLAB and its applications in Engg. Pearson’s Education, Delhi
Electrical & Electronics Engg. Vayu Education ,Delhi
Dr. Vijay Laxmi Introduction to Databases Brilliant Publications, Jalandhar
Dr. Kiran Breeding of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany
Genetics of Linseed/Flax LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany
Dr. Sunil Kumar Punjabi Nari Kav: Sarokar Ate Drishti M P Parkashan, Delhi, 2013
Punjabi Kav Samikhia Grecious Publication,Patiala,2013
Dr. Simarjeet Kaur Punjabii Kahani: Tarasdi Ate Vartara Chetna Parkashan, Ludhiana,2012
Dr. Ravinder Kaur Punjabi Lok Sahit Adhyan: Aalochnatmak Vishleshan Punjab Publication, Jalandhar, 2013
Mr. Javinder Singh Planning in Mathematics 21st Century, Patiala, 2011
Teaching of Mathematics 21st Century , Patiala, 2011
Er. Amit Sachdeva Data ware housing and data mining Kalyani Publisher, Ludhiana
Dr. Gyani Devi Gupta Inderdhnushi Ehasas ke Rang Tasvir Prakashan ISBN978-9385868-22-9 in Augast-2017
B Singh and G. Singh Practical’s of Agronomy Enriched Publications , New Delhi
Sr. No. Title Date Department Held at /Sponsored
1 FDP on “Digital design using Veri Log July 2010 ECE PTU
1 National Inclusive Education Challenges opportunities 29-01-2011 Education GGS college of Education Talwandi sabo
3 Short term training program(STTP) on “MATLAB & SIMULINK” June 2013 CSE/EE GKU ,Grant received from ISTE-SRM University
4 Total Quality Management, ISO 9000 & Basics of NBA Accreditation in Technical Institutions 5th to 9th May, 2014 Education Guru Kashi University, Talwandi Sabo
5 E-Governance Eco- Premiership and Green IT in Technical Institution through ICT 9th to 13th Feb, 2015 Commerce and Management Guru Kashi University, Talwandi Sabo
6 E-Governance, Eco-Preneurship and Green IT in Technical Institutions Through ICT Feb,09-13,2015 Computer Applications Guru Kashi University Talwandi Sabo Bathinda (Punjab)
7 NETWORKING ( Workshop ) Sept. 22, 2015 ECE Infowiz (Chandigarh), Guru Kashi University (Talwandi Sabo)
8 Workshop on EMBEDDED SYSTEMS 09-Oct-15 ECE WindTech software Pvt Ltd (Chandigarh) , Guru Kashi University (Talwandi Sabo)
9 Workshop on "Use of E-Contents - Possibilities, Opportunities & Use 27-Dec-16 ECE Guru Kashi University, Talwandi Sabo
10 Workshop on Latex & Its Applications 27-Apr-17 Applied Sciences Guru Gobind Singh College of Engg. & Technology, Talwandi Sabo
11 National level Faculty Development programme on Basic Understanding of Researching Methods and Data Analytical Tools" 24/7/2017 to 29/7/2017 Commerce & Management University College of Commerce & Management GKU, Talwandi Sabo
12 National Level Workshop on Latex & MATLAB: Indispensable Tools of Researcher July 31st to 5th August, 2017 Applied Sciences Guru Gobind Singh College of Engg. & Technology, Talwandi Sabo
13 One-Day National Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights and Thesis Writing July 13, 2018 Department of Research Guru Kashi University Talwandi Sabo
14 Two day National Conference on Research in Languages, Literature and Social Sciences Modern Perspectives and Prospects August 9-10, 2018 University College of Basic Sciences & Humanities Guru Kashi University Talwandi Sabo