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Knowledge is the wheel which keeps the vehicle of education in a revolving flow of motion. Our libraries are the centers of knowledge and our books are the vessels which provide students with the most enriching learning experience. They are equipped with the most modern facilities and amenities, designed to make every reading session highly fulfilling and completely engaging. Not only do we provide our students with the highest form of comfort, but studying with our libraries exposes them to the current updates in the field of science, engineering, medicine and humanities. To guarantee our students with the best form of convenience, our digital libraries and e-resources provide an easy access, giving them an ambiance of PU libraries anywhere and everywhere. The library also features well structured Book Bank Schemes whereby students can conveniently borrow text books for one academic year or for a semester, based on the needs of the students.


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Detail Of Books And Journals

Guru Gobind Singh College of Engg.

Name of the Department Total No. of books (Volumes) Total No. of Journals
ECE 3898 8
CSE 233 4

section heading

Name of the Department Total No. of books (Volumes) Total No. of Journals
BCA 234 3
MCA 87 7

University College Of Commerce & Management

Name of the Department Total No. of books (Volumes) Total No. of Journals
Profit 4343 43

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