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Our Vision

Guru Kashi University aspires to be a dynamic, inclusive community of scholars engaged in the pursuit of excellence in academics through
learnes centric, creative and innovative endeavours that have a transformative effect on professional, socio-cultural and intellectual needs of
learner centric, creative and innovative endeavours that have a transformative effect on professional, socio-cultural and intellectual needs of


  • Providing opportunity for holistic development of students by focusing on inter-disciplinary knowledge, giving solution to complex problems, communication & interpersonal skills, healthcare and overall well being.
  • Providing a learner experience by engaging with external stakeholders to develop students as competent human resource that should be an asset for   development of society.
  • Nurturing productive community by attracting and retaining best talent in terms of diversity & knowledge and creating an environment congenial for  self-appraisal, accountability, research, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and transparency in governance.
  • Recruiting highly competent, talented and innovative faculty and refreshing /updating their knowledge through need-based academic and technology driven interventions.
  • Serving masses through quality education and outreach, implement need-based policies especially for improving the quality of life of rural families and promote Punjabi language through research in literature, religion and culture.
  • To build up state-of-the-art infrastructure in the form of laboratories, workshops and other facilities.
  • To establish a vast knowledge resource i.e., Library equipped with print and non print media with vast Internet facility.
  • Giving opportunities to study at the Institute to students coming from varied socio-economic backgrounds from across the country.
  • To aim at starting P.G. and R & D activities in almost all the disciplines in a planned way.


  • Keeping abreast of the latest technology. 
  • Questioning of all technical aspects and developments  as why, when and how?  
  • Devising means including infrastructure and ICT for dissemination of the new knowledge and developments through teaching learning process.
  • To Providing excellent infrastructure in the form of labs/workshops etc. by addition and modernization.
  •  Upgrading library by adding books, journals, better Internet facilities and non-print media. 
  • Construction of new blocks for housing Life Sciences & Languages departments.
  • Conversion of class rooms as smart class rooms with multimedia projection, interactive electronic board with computer interface, wide screen TV and video cameras. Enhance teaching learning experience through blended learning. 
  • Attracting qualified and experienced faculty. Improving qualifications and potential of existing faculty. 
  • To organize regularly State / National / University level Seminars / Workshops / Symposium / Competitions. 
  • To strengthen the present CCDE for providing greater opportunities for holistic development of students..
  • To develop the university as a Centre of Excellence. 
  • To establish R & D facilities with state of the art infrastructure.  
  • To develop the university into a centre of technical expertise for the industry in related fields.

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