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How Women lead with empathy
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Vision For Women Empowerment

A key part of Women Empowerment is through right Education. Girls who are educated can contribute to their families and country’s economy throughout the life.
Guru Kashi University has a vision to empower all girls students and our female staff members for economic growth, political stability and social transformation.
We have many success stories of our girls those are either working with big corporates and few are running their own ventures alone.


There is no force more powerful THAN A women
Determined to rise.

Events Dedicated for women!

"I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want."

Dr. Mamta Roy is a very strong and Empowered Lady. Dr. Mamta has organized many events to empower all the girls students and working ladies of Guru Kashi University.

Dr. Mamta Roy | Director Women Empowerment Cell

You can be a part of the change!

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